Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hamburger Rubric

AB Combs School used this rubric to help students think about quality work.
It's called the Hamburger Rubric and goes like this: Imagine walking into a restaurant and ordering a hamburger. After waiting an abnormally amount of time, the waiter brings you a hot dog in a soggy bun. Obviously not what you wanted! This is level 1 in quality. Here is a link:

Level 2 is you get the hamburger on time but it is barely warm and does not have the ketchup and mustard you requested.
Level 3 is you get the hamburger as you requested, hot off the grill.
Level 4 is getting the hamburger as you expected on time, with a side of fries and a shake for free - clearly more than what you expected.

Level 3 is obviously what is expected - but students are encouraged to find ways to go above and beyond to Level 4 when possible. From Jeff Janassen, Janessen Sports Leadership Center www.championshipcoachesnetwork.com


  1. LOVE this idea! Would you be able to share an actual copy of this or at least describe the wording in each section? It is hard to read from the picture.
    Simply The Classroom

  2. I would love a copy of this as well. I talk about Hamburger Writing with my students and would love to use this rubric with them.

  3. Could I please have a copy of this rubric so that I can see what each level says? Thanks!

  4. http://kingswoodes.wcpss.net/Kingswood_Grading.pdf

    Found this link with the original.

    1. Couldn't find it in here

  5. This is wonderful! Thank you. This is the best hamburger model I've come across.

  6. could you send a copy of this to me to print off at tjackson@ifacadets.net. I'm a 5th grade teacher- Love it thanks

  7. I teach foods classes and this would be a perfect rubric for my classes how can I get a copy or see what each level says?

  8. I came across your kid friendly rubric and I love it, but one small problem. My class is 23 out of 30 kids vegetarian! Any ideas?