Monday, January 17, 2011

Social Greeting in the Morning Meeting

Amy Flores, Bonnie Taylor and Beth Friedman visiting with Lincoln Principal Kathleen Miller.

While visiting Lincoln School in Mundelein, the Principal invited us to sit in on classroom morning meetings.  Each teacher brings her class together for about 15 minutes with their chairs in a circle or sitting on the floor.  In the meetings, the students could talk about how they were doing with the habits and have some sharing time.  We also saw some activities to practice greetings.

Practicing Eye Contact and Greetings  One class  was excited to play a greeting game.  The students all stood up and greeted each other with eye contact, a handshake and "Good Morning  ___".  One child was secretly designated to give a "double squeeze" in their handshake.  When the children received the "double squeeze" they quietly left the game. The activity continued until no children were left standing since the "double squeeze" child had greeted everyone.  I was impressed with how the students enjoyed the activity and participated perfectly.

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  1. Beth Friedman should not be allowed around any children. This is very disturbing. Her teachers license was taken away from her in the state of Florida, after a trial. A trial implicating her on having sex with a child and giving drugs and alcohol to her student. What happened to putting the children first. What happened with performing background checks on teachers. Prior to allowing them to work for a school, regardless the state. I am so angry and disturbed by this. Beth Friedman should by no means be around children. Why are you allowing this person to continue in any school district program. Teacher Charged In Teen Sex Case - tribunedigital-sunsentinel › Collections › Hollywood Police Department
    Aug 19, 1999 - Hollywood resident Beth Friedman, 40, was charged with three counts of indecent assault, two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor ...